Andrew Nixon

barristerIn 2013-14 Jim acted as Judicial Assistant to Lord Reed and Lord Hodge on the UK Supreme Courtroom and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Prior to being called the Bar, Jim practised as a transactional lawyer, thereby bringing appreciable expertise to his apply as a barrister, notably when advising and showing for purchasers in litigious commercial, fairness and insolvency issues.

All regulation graduates from Canadian law colleges, and holders of NCA certificates of Qualification (Internationally skilled legal professionals or graduates from other legislation schools in widespread-legislation jurisdictions exterior Canada) from the Federation of Regulation Society of Canada after can apply to the relevant Provincial regulating body (legislation society) for admission (word here that the Canadian Provinces are technically each considered totally different legal jurisdictions).

In April 2003 there have been 554 barristers in impartial practice in Northern Eire 66 were Queen’s Counsel (QCs), barristers who have earned a high popularity and are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor as senior advocates and advisers.

However, in practice, direct instruction remains to be a rarity in most jurisdictions, partly as a result of barristers with slim specializations, or who’re solely actually skilled for advocacy, will not be prepared to offer normal recommendation to members of the public.