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The Principle of the Irretroactivity of the Law within the Roman Legal Experience in the Republican Age . Through an in-depth evaluation of literary and authorized sources and of epigraphic evidence, the creator demonstrates that the precept of the legislation’s non-retroactivity was identified to, and applied by, the Romans for the reason that Republican age. The political battle favored on a number of occasions the violation of this precept by imposing an extraordinary legal laws, aimed at sanctioning past behaviors of adversaries. Actio funeraria and the protection of persona rights publish mortem . The paper discusses the history and the operate of the Roman actio funeraria . It is argued that the claim for reimbursement of the funeral of one other particular person is historically older than the recognition of negotiorum gestio at massive and may be seen as a precursor of the actio negotiorum gestorum .

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The Department funds and promotes enterprise-led innovation by way of a range of programmes and helps delivered for the most half via Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. The Papyrology Rooms of the Sackler Library, Oxford, preserve the correspondence of the two well-known papyrologists, B.P. Hunt, performed with numerous scholars from Britain and continental Europe. The main subject of this correspondence is the editing of the texts found in the Oxyrhynchus papyri. 1814, 2089 and particularly 2103 (the ‘Oxyrhynchus Gaius’), Hunt sought out the collaboration of Roman legislation students similar to F. Levy, who all participated to a varying diploma within the editorial process of these legal documents.

law departement

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A authorized historian’s perspective on fragmentary inscriptions from Lauriacum . The fragments four and 18 from the small corpus of Roman legal inscriptions discovered at Lauriacum (Lorch/Upper Austria) include a fragmentary textual content of eight traces. As it will be seen, the fragments on the one hand concern the iurisdictio of municipal magistrates. In the last forty years the Lex Lauriacensis has not been in the focus of Roman legal professionals, and it has by no means been subject of a detailed commentary. Because of that, the textual content of the inscription and its possible additions shall be reconsidered and commentated in the following interdisciplinary examine. Current stories provide the latest results of excavations and library findings.

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