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Elder care abuse and neglect – should I hire a lawyer?

Every year, elderly individuals are neglected, exploited, or abused. In most cases, caregivers, whether professional or family, inflict this abuse. They take advantage of the possible isolation and cognitive impairment of seniors to cause harm.

If you’re concerned about your loved one facing abuse from their caregiver, you should hire an Elder Abuse Attorney to pursue a claim against them. Elder abuse is a crime, and reporting it ensures the appropriate civil and criminal ramifications are imposed.

An Elder Abuse Attorney can help you recover damages for pain and suffering, punitive damages, and economic damages. All you have to do is hire an experienced attorney that knows the inner workings of elder care institutions and possesses a unique insight into the insurance defense industry.

However, before hiring your Elder Abuse Attorney, it’s wise to understand what elder abuse is.

What is Elder Care Abuse?

This is an intentional, knowing, or negligent act that causes serious risk or harm to an older individual. Some common types of elder abuse include:

• Financial abuse: Unethical or illegal exploitation of elder’s funds or assets

• Abandonment: A caregiver deserting an elderly person

• Physical abuse: Infliction of any pain or suffering, e.g., using prescription drugs to punish or control using physical constraints

• Isolation: Preventing an elderly individual from speaking to others

Since the types of elder care abuse vary by state, it’s wise to first consult with an Elder Abuse Attorney to understand the different limits on damages awarded in civil suits. For instance, some states have increased penalties for victimizing older adults compared to other adults.

Remember, elder abuse can occur at any place, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or an elderly individual’s home. Hence, you should stay in contact with your loved one to prevent abuse. Furthermore, keeping in touch ensures you can identify the warning signs of abuse early on.

Need an Elder Abuse Attorney?

Cherepinskiy Law Firm, P.C. helps victims of elder abuse and neglect fight for justice. With them, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they will fight for your loved one’s health, safety, and rights.