Tan Thanh Beach


Tan Thanh Beach, also known as Go Cong beach, stretches for about 7 kilometers, with vast smooth black sand dunes. If you come here early in the morning, you can go to the wharf which is 300m long to the sea. What a wonderful time to see the sunrise over the sea, welcome the first ray of sunshine shimmering dew drops.

– What do we explore when traveling to Tan Thanh Beach? In addition, to try the alluvial bath, the most attractive thing at here is the seafood specialties, along with exciting experiences when participating in catching them. This land is famous for clams, other types of shrimp, snails. They are processed into simple but delicious dishes.


It is said that the right place to taste the famous Go Cong clam is Tan Thanh beach. In southeast wind season, from March to September lunar year is the clam season. To completely enjoy this delicious food, first, you have to start by joining the clam digging. Many people wait for the seawater to withdraw then using the rake digging clams.

– The achievement is fresh clams. Steaming the clam with lemon leaves, lemongrass, or grapefruit, you will have a delicious dish to enjoy. Especially, clam dipping with vinegar is a “unique dish” at Tan Thanh beach, Tien Giang. The clam meat is dipped in the boiling pot of vinegar, then picked out án rolled in a layer of rice paper with herbs, cucumber, chopped banana, pineapple, etc. sauce with lemon chili sauce.

Clam farming

The Go Cong sea is less windy, sandy bottom is mixed with mud, and lots of food, so the sea is home for the clam. The clam meat of this sea is delicious and sweet, gradually popular and consumed much. Since then, new clam farming has been born, becoming one of the largest clam farming areas in the South West.

– According to statistics, the area of Go Cong Dong has more than 2,000ha for clam farming, of which 350ha is the natural breeding clam area gather in the Tan Thanh sea commune. Annually this place supplies over 20,000 tons of clam for the market.

Tan Thanh sea people said that raising clams is extremely simple, just buy clam seedlings then drop down the sea in April and then harvest at the end of next year. Small clam is up to a thousand children per kilogram, raising for one and a half year the clams can reach 30 to 40 clam per kilogram.

– Tan Thanh beach has rich food, clam farmers don’t have to spend any food, nor effort to take care of. The most expensive cost is buying clams, spreading the net, storing huts, hiring clam keepers.

– Saying that, but clam farming is also very difficult. The price of clam seedling is high, the much-diseased clam is dead. In recent years, around December to March of next year, clam often mass die with an unknown cause.

The Finger Snail

Tan Thanh beach is also the birthplace of the finger snails. They live in muddy sand, just eat plankton. At high tide, they rise out of the niche to find food, and quickly hide in the sand when there is a sound. It is easy to catch the finger snails, only with short rods and a few betel limes.

– People just need to stamp on the ground and see where the little bubbles floating up to know the cave of the finger snail. Then dabbling little betel lime, just seconds later, the snail from rising up out of the sand. Processing the snail just need to steam, fry or cook porridge.

Go Cong Watermelon

Besides seafood, along with the Tan Thanh beach, you also have the opportunity to meet the “sea watermelon”, which is planted four times a year. Due to the specificity of growing on coastal sandy soils, Go Cong watermelon has a sweet taste, thin shell, red intestine. It’s very popular with local people and tourists.

Going to Go Cong Tan Thanh beach, is going to the prosperity of the sea carrying alluvial, to leisurely walk between the immense clouds and sea, enjoy the cheap fresh seafood specialties.


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