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Law Dictionary & Black’s Legislation Dictionary, 2nd Ed.

law dictionaryThis e book focuses on authorized ideas from the twin perspective of regulation and terminology. Fieri facias – A “writ” of fieri facias commands a sheriff to take and sell enough property from the person who lost the regulation suit, to pay the debt owed by the judgment. An action for divorce, for example, is a court docket continuing during which the Claimant sues the Respondent for the relief of an order for the events’ divorce.

An individual’s own act, or acceptance of information, which preclude his or her later making claims on the contrary. A harmful offender is an offender who has been convicted of a severe personal damage offence and the courtroom has found her or him to be a hazard to society.

Perjury occurs when a person gives proof in court docket that he or she knows is false. The earliest utilization dates in English-language contexts for nearly all phrases are additionally included; Black’s is the one legal dictionary with this feature. Provincial Court is the primary level within the BC court docket system, dealing with felony, quasi- felony (Provincial Statute Violations), family, youth, small claims, and visitors and municipal matters.

Dismiss 1) In a court docket setting, a decide may dismiss or throw out all or a portion of a plaintiff’s lawsuit with out further evidence or testimony upon being persuaded that the plaintiff has not and cannot prove the case. The declare made in a pleading by a celebration to an action, setting out what she or he expects to prove.

A pleading in a civil motion by which the plaintiff or person suing sets down the cause of motion and invokes the court docket’s jurisdiction to decide within the case. Discretion The power of a choose, public official, or private party to make choices primarily based on his or her opinion inside normal legal pointers.