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framework of the State and of obedience to the law during which industrial society is about threatens to interrupt asunder. The wet weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day. a foreigner who conducts espionage towards a host nation while working there in a respectable capacity, usually within the diplomatic service. a fish or recreation animal, within specified measurement or weight limitations, that the law allows to be caught and stored throughout an appropriate season.

Legal Definition Of Authorized

Some frequent synonyms of legal are lawful, reliable, and licit. While all these words imply “being in accordance with legislation,” legal applies to what’s sanctioned by legislation or in conformity with the regulation, particularly as it’s written or administered by the courts. lawful, authorized, legitimate, licit mean being in accordance with law. The phrases licit and authorized can be used in comparable contexts, but licit applies to a strict conformity to the provisions of the law and applies especially to what’s regulated by law. In some conditions, the words reliable and legal are roughly equivalent. However, reliable may apply to a legal proper or standing but in addition, in extended use, to a right or standing supported by custom, customized, or accepted requirements.

When Would Licit Be A Great Substitute For Authorized?


appointed, established, or approved by regulation; deriving authority from regulation. With recreational or medical marijuana legal in 29 states and the nation’s capital, the pot trade employed 121,000 people within the U.S. final year. American Media agreed to provide Ms. McDougal again the rights to her story as a part of an April legal settlement, but the company insisted that the Men’s Journal cowl go ahead as deliberate. As a end result, guns are banned within the area, even by those that have legal concealed carry permits. Wilcox, Feuer’s spokesman, denied that the town’s legal strategy was to settle with the weakest plaintiffs.

authorized applies to what is sanctioned by regulation or in conformity with the legislation, particularly as it is written or administered by the courts. fiction is one thing assumed in legislation to be a truth regardless of the reality of that assumption.