Tips for Maintaining a Harmonious and Happy Family

A harmonious and happy family is certainly a dream for anyone. Family harmony can be a support system to achieve success in career and prosperity. Children will also develop well and reach their best potential. But the question is how to maintain household harmony so that it is always happy.

1. Make a commitment in housekeeping

Marriage is a pledge to build a household. A pledge must certainly be accompanied by a commitment to do it. Without commitment, it is impossible to maintain a harmonious household. If you have a strong commitment it can be added by making rules that must be mutually agreed upon in carrying out family life.

2. Planning for the future

Clear life planning will certainly greatly help a married life. Planning that can be done, for example, arranges finances that are owned to suit the economic conditions of each. Apart from finance, we also need to plan other things like child birth, daily activity schedule, and so on. Clear and precise planning will facilitate the journey of the household in the future.

3. Schedule joint activities

As planned, the schedule of joint activities is very necessary to be made especially for couples who work together. The lack of meeting intensity will be fulfilled by the activities carried out together, for example exercising together. With exercise, you can maintain each other’s health too. In addition, you can schedule for shopping, vacation, or visiting a parent’s house.

4. Routine sex

Many couples who rarely start having sex after undergoing a household for several years, especially those who are both preoccupied with their work routines. This is precisely what triggers problems in their households. As the name implies, intimate relationships can enhance the intimacy of relationships between partners, especially if done regularly and communicated well. There are often those who can solve problems by having sex.

5. Listen to complaints from partners

Every household life must have their own problems and problems. Not infrequently our partners will complain about the problem that is befalling. Listening to complaints from partners carefully is one way to maintain family harmony. Make them comfortable telling stories and don’t ignore them, because it’s better to complain to your partner than to other people.

6. Be honest and open

Honesty is the key to success in everything, including maintaining family harmony. Honesty and openness must be applied in various ways, starting from the expenses made, income received, to every day’s activities. No need to keep secrets to your own partner, it’s better to just tell them honestly and be open to each other. Thus it will increase the closeness of each other.

7. Maintain partner trust

Trust is very expensive, once damaged, it will not be able to return to normal. Therefore it is very important to always maintain the trust of the couple. Do not do things that can damage the trust that has been given. This belief is usually closely related to the commitments that have been made at the beginning of marriage, undermining trust means breaking the commitments that have been made.

8. Avoid actions that are not liked by the couple

For couples who are just beginning to get married may not be too familiar with each other so often fight because of things that seem trivial. But after years of household life, of course, you will understand about the attitude or action that is not liked by the couple. Avoid these attitudes or actions so that there are no unnecessary arguments or debates, so the household life will be more harmonious and happy.

9. Give a surprise or gift

There is no person in this world who doesn’t like gifts. Then giving a gift is an action that needs to be done in order to maintain family harmony. Moreover, given in the form of pleasant surprises and right at certain moments. Not infrequently giving gifts is done to solve a problem that arises or to calm the hearts of couples who are sad.