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Constitution. No state or federal law might contradict any provision in the Constitution. In a way the federal Constitution is a collection of inviolable statutes. It could be altered only by modification. Amendments pass after they are permitted by two-thirds of both homes of Congress or after petition by two-thirds of the state legislatures.

What’s The Definition Of Law?

law definition

1130; when it’s said the Pandects had been by chance found at Amalphi, and the Code at Ravenna. But, as if fortune would make an atonement for her former severity, they have since been the examine of the wisest males, and revered as law, by the politest nations. The Institutes contain the weather or first principles of the Roman regulation, in four books.

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558; 3 Wheat. 223; three Pet. 446; 1 Bald. The time period is utilized in contradistinction to equity, admiralty, and maritime legislation. See, normally, as to civil legislation, Cooper’s Justinian the Pandects; 1 Bl. eighty, 81; Encyclopedie, art.

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