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Lionel Murphy: The public scandal that brought down a very powerful judge in Australia

A very powerful judge having ties to the government of Australia has been pulled into a scandal. After being convicted and thereafter acquitted of misusing the power of his office to assist his “small mate” who is an attorney having a clientele of organized crimes.

Hidden tapes of the phone calls and parliament launches made by the judge were released which prompted an investigation to ascertain if he can be removed from office or dies afterward.

This is not a recent Netflix blockbuster. Instead, it’s an Australian fact that occurred in 1980.

A classified report from the inquiry into the high court justice’s conduct and the previous labor attorney general Lionel Murphy will become available by Thursday.

About the man

Lionel Murphy, a well-known Labor personality available at the time of one of the extremely violent periods in the politics of Australia.

During the tenure as the Whitlam government’s attorney-general, his reputation is being dwindled to either be a legislative visionary or a careless firebrand.

As the chief legislative officer of the country, he started the procedure of eradicating the death penalty, develop a domestic court, and file a lawsuit against the French government at the International Court of Justice … Read More

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