Law Dictionary


law dictionaryThis e-book focuses on authorized ideas from the twin perspective of law and terminology. A authorized document setting out both a claim or a defence to a declare. Depose To query a witness or a party to a lawsuit at a deposition (testimony beneath oath taken outside of the courtroom­room before trial). Damages- Compensation for damages suffered; a courtroom-awarded sum of money which places the plaintiff in the place he or she would have occupied had the authorized fallacious not occurred.

A legally binding promise or settlement; an act in law the place two or more individuals declare their consent as to any act or thing to be done or fore bone by some or one of then for the use of the others or other of them. A choose of Supreme Court docket that sits for at least half-time.

A category motion requires: an identifiable group of individuals with a properly-defined interest in the facts and legislation of the go well with; too many people in the group for it to be practical to bring them all earlier than the courtroom; and the individuals bringing go well with are in a position to adequately signify your complete group.

The legal dictionary additionally incorporates The Folks’s Regulation Dictionary, by renowned authorities Gerald and Kathleen Hill. A legislation suit; a authorized proceeding wherein one party sues another for a remedy or specific relief. A Court Order is a doc containing directions given by a decide in court docket.

Discharge (of debts) In bankruptcy, the bankruptcy courtroom’s action, on the end of the case, to wipe out the debts of the individual or enterprise that filed for chapter. Former time period for the one who begins a lawsuit in civil courtroom. Many summary offences have a maximum jail sentence of six months and a most wonderful of $2,000.00. Tthe trial for summary offences is held in Provincial Court earlier than a provincial courtroom decide.